We are looking for experienced, talented and self-motivated Backend Engineers who are able to improve the environment of backend systems. Do you have enough field to show your Functional Programming skills such as TypeScript or Scala? Don't you get excited if your code creates a new sports ecosystem? If the "JUNGLE" vision interest you, then we would love to chat.

"JUNGLE" is not a conventional betting institution, which means we do people business and provide betting.
We believe our services dramatically change the definition of betting and bring a new customer experience. The belief is not a pie in the sky. Our great culture which includes Mandala (norms) and Altruism always drive us to change the world with betting.




  • Develop new features and improve environment of backend systems

  • Architect efficient and creative solutions to scale our backend systems


  • 5+ years of development experience: including TypeScript, Scala, Golang or JAVA.

  • Have Knowledge of Data Storage technologies such as RDB (especially PostgreSQL), Redis, Elasticsearch, AWS DynamoDB or Cloud Firestore

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent

  • Experience with RESTful Architecture

  • Experience with Amazon Web Services, especially by accessing its API. (not AWS console)

  • Can define and set milestones of volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous tasks, then get things done

  • Self-motivation and the ability to take a high-level goal and deliver shippable code

  • Can build structures which are easy to maintain and test

  • Take responsibility for products and address an emergency issue immediately

  • Excellent communicator and team player


  • Experience with working in an agile software development organisation

  • Experience with Github as a team, especially, Github flow (Understand manners of multiple developers environment)

  • Consider UI and UX of products/services when you develop

  • Experience with implementing the integration with payment gateway

  • Knowledge/experience of Functional Programming, especially, Cats for Scala

  • Experience with implementing software based on http4s or Akka

  • Experience with HashiCorp products, like Nomad or Consul is also a plus

  • Experience with highly distributed tiered service architectures (a.k.a. "microservices").

  • Contributions to OSS projects

  • Strong understanding and knowledge of web frameworks, build tools and libraries.

  • Start-up experience

  • Strong understanding and knowledge of web and tech products in the UK, US, China and South East Asia

  • Working proficiency in English (For non-native English speakers)

Technical environment/keywords

  • TyepScript

  • GraphQL

  • Scala, Python and Golang

  • AWS (VPC, Lambda, DynamoDB, AppSync and etc)

  • Terraform

  • PostgreSQL

  • Cloud Firestore

  • Elasticsearch

  • Ansible


  • London

  • Singapore

  • Tokyo

for {
  why <- passion.lift(Founder & CEO.invite(me))
  grown = challenges.foldLeft(me)((me, challenge) => challenge.bringUp(me))
  result <- grown.doGreatWorkWith(colleagues)
} yield result.asBonus