We are looking for Blockchain Engineers to help us design practical, efficient and large-scale performant blockchain systems. Are you reaching your potential in your current field? or do you have an opportunity to show your knowledge and skills enough? A new ecosystem for athletes and audience "JUNGLE" imagines has a lot of challenges and makes you crazy about blockchain more.

"JUNGLE" is not a conventional betting institution, which means we do people business and provide betting.
We believe our services dramatically change the definition of betting and bring a new customer experience. The belief is not a pie in the sky. Our great culture which includes Mandala (norms) and Altruism always drive us to change the world with betting.


Blockchain Engineer.png


  • Design, develop, and deploy large-scale performant blockchain systems

  • Writing quality readable code that is reasonable unit tested

  • Collaborate extensively with others to solve tough problems with relatively new technologies, potentially contribute back to Hyperledger foundation

  • Use cryptography properly to ensure security while maintain scalability

  • Build systems that manage secure coordination between blockchain nodes around the world

  • Conduct a gap analysis on the current team's skill sets to
    determine unfulfilled technical roles for building the distributed
    elements of the product


  • Computer Science degree or equivalent with 7+ years of experience in software development, including design, implementation, debugging, and support

  • Strong proficiency in developing software, with deep experience in one or more relevant languages (Go, Python,Typescript, Scala)

  • Demonstrated expertise with secure coordination between systems in different physical locations

  • Have an understanding of cryptographic primitives and the decentralised systems they enable

  • Is comfortable assimilating information from academic papers and implementing new theories in code

  • Effectively communicates best practices for secure usage of cryptographic protocols to other team members

  • Self-starter and comfortable in a fast-paced startup environment


  • Have experience implementing production-quality cryptographic systems

  • Is inspired by the potential of scalable decentralized technology and finds it frustrating that existing blockchain projects don’t put enough focus on user experience and useful applications

  • Thorough understanding of parallel algorithms, concurrency, asynchronous architectures

  • Experience working with blockchain frameworks such as Ethereum and the Hyperledger projects

  • Experience in developing production level smart contracts for blockchain frameworks

  • Experience with optimizing performance and availability in distributed environments

  • Strong understanding and knowledge of web and tech products in the UK, US, China and South East Asia

  • Working proficiency in English (For non-native English speakers)

Technical environment/keywords

  • Hyperledger Fabric

  • GO

  • Typescript

  • Ethereum



  • London

  • Singapore

  • Tokyo

"JUNGLE" is outstanding place. Outstanding Founder & CEO, outstanding colleagues, outstanding vision. Life is short. "JUNGLE" is the place where all your passion, effort and devotion are fully rewarded. Come Spartans, join us to be Junglers!