The world's first subscription model and 0% commission for betting *Only Available in the UK
Our top priority is always in enhancing customer experience. It seems that our competitors also aim to do it, but in fact they...
Offer very complicated betting services
You might wonder why betting services are created to be so complicated, which means they are quite a lot of contents such as handicaps, goals over / under, double chance, both teams to score and so on. As a result, aside from experienced bettors, other customers might be intimidated to use them and feel stress about sports betting.
Charge commissions to customers
Betting companies offer a commission rate, which is charged on customer's profit. However, it is surprising that the rate often comes with hidden clauses or help pages customers frequently do not go to. Hence, without you even knowing, you might get secretly charged some amount of money. That’s just not right and they could feel betting is a waste of money.
Fail to provide great user experiences to customers
When you go to service pages of some betting companies, you realise that there are few unique contents and their contents are almost the same. They have been trying to attract customers with odds and bonuses, which definitely makes you feel boring to spend your time on betting.
The motivation behind our products and services comes from providing answers to the questions outlined above. We rethought the conventional online betting model and aim to recreate an innovative betting experience that is reliable, progressive and most importantly in compliance with the regulations of the UK Gambling Commission. That is, our features are: 1. Simple Betting 2. Unique Contents with 0% Commission 3. Subscription with Great Customer Experience We promise a Fair, Open and Straightforward service and will always appreciate customer feedback in creating products/services that enhance their experiences.


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