Millions of creative athletes make a living through sports, they give opportunities to billions of fans to get inspired by athletes. It’s the way to release human’s creative potential. This is "JUNGLE".
Founder & CEO Panja NAOE

Create the New
Sports Ecosystem.

Different from major sports athletes such as English Premier League players, modern (minor) sports athletes have been hard to earn money from sponsorship, ticketing, goods, broadcasting and so on.

We change the definition of sports, and create the new sports ecosystem with our betting services. We will offer top-quality betting contents and deliver great customer experience, and aim to be NO.1 "BOOKIE" in Asia then No.1 "BOOKIE" in the world.






Cultural Norms

Crews had worked for different situations, countries and industries before, which means they have different work ethics. To improve it, Mandala made by Founder & CEO Panja NAOE could provide the insight and understanding to enable sound decisions. Thanks to Mandala, we can be on the same page about what we have to keep in mind on daily works in "JUNGLE".





We believe that the key to success is to think about doing good things to others before sticking to receive income. This concept is what all the great heroes in the history have had in common, and we think good financial results are as a result of others saying "Thank You" to us. In a nutshell, Altruism makes "JUNGLE" successful and sustainable.

If we bring the light for others, the road in front of us will be bright as well.
Mandala No.271



No Pain, No Gain

To fulfil our vision, we have to be so hard-working and hungry for success. Every day we have to unlearn something we have experienced before and have "growing pains", which are the gaps to bridge between ideal and current situations regarding our skills and mindsets.

The law of 1.01: the 365 power of 1.01 = 37.8 Only doing one’s best effort can create value.
The law of 0.99: the 365 power of 0.99 = 0.03 Doing a halfway effort will come to nothing.
Mandala No.3