Frontend engineer

Our Frontend Engineer team still has a lot of room to grow. That means you have a chance to get real ownership over your works that optimise frontend performance. if you are self-motivated engineers with a passion for both the sports business and technology innovation, why don't you join us? There’s no better time to become a part of "JUNGLE".

"JUNGLE" is not a conventional betting institution, which means we do people business and provide betting.
We are all motivated by the mission "Betting Saves The Earth" and believe our services dramatically change the definition of betting and bring a new customer experience. The mission is not a pie in the sky. Our great culture which includes Mandala (norms) and Altruism always drive us to change the world with betting.





  • Develop new features and improve environment of web frontend layer

  • Optimise frontend performance

  • Work closely with our client platform and web API teams to define and evolve the underlying interfaces that support your projects

  • Work with designers to code HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  • Be a vocal advocate for the user experience

  • Partner with the UX design and product management teams to build interactions that support a rich A/B testing environment


  • Have a grasp of HTML5, CSS3 and related web technologies

  • Have strong background in ReactJS

  • Have solid understanding of core JavaScript and its fundamentals

  • Want to build a stunning front-end experiences and desire to dive deep and contribute within our backend platforms

  • Experience with Github as a team (Understand manners of multiple developers environment)


  • Expert-level knowledge of Single Page application

  • Experience with full-stack development environments such as Java

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent

  • Experience with A/B test or User testing and improving products

  • Have UI and UX sensibilities

  • Strong understanding and knowledge of web frameworks, build tools and libraries.

  • Strong understanding and knowledge of web and tech products in the UK, US, China and South East Asia

  • Working proficiency in English (For non-native English speakers)

Technical environment

  • IReact

  • Firebase


  • London

  • Singapore

  • Tokyo

I respect Founder & CEO, and other crews are well-disciplined and talented. I am happy to work hand in hand with them in order to create the better customer experience. Let’s create great teams and services, and I want to work with persons who have the passion.
Maverick EBIHARA