Entry #5 Ted KAWAKITA's case - The beginning of his 15-year career



This is the 5th article in a series of entries in which crew members=JUNGLER will tell you about the attraction and company culture of JUNGLEˣ and talk about their encounter with JUNGLEˣ and motivation for joining.
This article is by Ted KAWAKITA, Corporate Planning, who has been involved with Jungleˣ since its inception. Please take a look.

Ruling the world with the dream

In January 2006, at a turning point in The Rise and Fall of the Internet*1, when the Livedoor scandal took place, a man was moved to tears in front of the sight of so many job hunters (2007 new graduates) gathered at a 200-person venue in Roppongi Hills that there was a standing room only crowd.
"...for having so many students take up their precious time to come to the venue...thank you so much.”
Choking on his words, Panja NAOE (now the head of Jungleˣ), who had just turned 29, began to speak to the audience.
Ted KAWAKITA, with his handouts and the interview materials he had brought with him, could not take his eyes off Panja.
Oda Nobunaga set forth his ideal world with the words "天下布武 Tenka Fubu.I aim to create a world where the world comes to us not through military might but through dreams, so I will uphold '天下布夢 Tenka Fumu.'”
Panja did not talk about her business, but rather gave an hour-long lecture to job-seeking students who had come to her office looking for a job. She talked about "why" it is important to have dreams and love in life, "why" they need strength, and "why" they need friends to achieve them.
His words had power, his eyes were sharp yet gentle, and his appearance radiated an aura that enveloped the audience.
The spirit of "will, spirit, and madness" written in bold letters in the materials was there, and it was an experience that raised essential questions that I had not perceived in deciding my future "path" in life.
I left the venue with my heart rate rising just listening to him, and my brain filled with endorphins and dopamine.
This was the first step in what would be the next 15 years of history and my first Contact with Panja.
Some of the materials distributed at "LIVE2007 Fumitada Naoe This Finger is Here" in January 2006

Consistent aesthetic sense

Looking back at my notes from 2006, I have the following words.
  • The five most important elements of human resources we seek are: honesty, love of learning, positive thinking, charm, and faith.
  • Life Outcome = Passion x Positive Thinking x Ability
  • Work results = time x speed x efficiency
  • Potential = Mind x Skill
  • Principle of discipline and education "Shori-ba-ri" (kata)
  • Noblesse Oblige
  • A human resource that will illuminate a corner of the world
  • fusion of yugaku-work
It is a universal value that has not changed even after 16 years, and is quoted in the current jungle ˣ from time to time as being filled with our values ≒ sense of beauty.
It is still sometimes quoted in the jungle as a guideline for the evolution and growth of both people and business over the medium to long term, without being caught up in the fads of the day or transient trends.
It was because I sympathized and resonated with the aesthetics described above that I, at the age of 21, made the decision to devote my time, the only resource available to me at the time, to the maximum extent possible.

Season 5 and Beyond

The year is 2022, and the jungleˣ is now entering a new phase of its life, as it is on the border of entering Season 5 from Season 4.
What I have described in this article is a retrospective that is pre-Season 0 in the jungleˣ.
There is a history that should be preserved as a company history even in the pre-A.D. period (before Season 0), and even in the post-A.D. period, only a part of this history has been passed down to the current members.
I'll save those for another time, but Jungleˣ is currently at a stage where we still need more members to make history with us in Season 5 and beyond.
I am looking for people who are evolving and growing at an exponential rate in order to accomplish a business that I can be proud of and pass on to my children and grandchildren's generation, and I myself would like to be inspired and furthermore, aim for the next landscape.


How was it?
This was Ted KAWAKITA's entry into the group.
If you feel that this entry fits Ted's last words, "Those who are evolving and growing exponentially to create a business that they can be proud to pass on to their children and grandchildren," please visit our corporate website as well.
Thank you for taking the time to read this to the end.
Responsibility for the text: Ted KAWAKITA
Introduction and Conclusion Responsibility: Mukku NAKAMURA