Why did I start the revolution? To realize our ideals. -Che Guevara


Betting for Good—

We do not find incompetence or malice in what is adequately explained by structural problems. In other words, we can't deal with incompetence and malice, but we can fix structure. ∴Betting changes people's sense of beauty and changes the behavior of mankind. By stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain, we can expand the pleasure domain and start an endless chain of goodness. We make the most of betting to resolve global issues.
CEO Panja NAOE High-functioning sociopath. Outrageously capable, but also outrageously flawed. Arrogant and selfish. A floating avant-garde wreck. He has a habit of locking himself in his room and contemplating while listening to jazz and classical music at a blaring volume as if he overdosed on drugs. He is not interested in people and is not good at interacting with them*. He reads the future not by the prevailing discourse, but by his miracle sense and multidimensional integration. Sensitive to many things, he prefers to block out silly noises and live in a world of tranquility. He has a personality that does not care much about cooperation with others due to his solution based on a simultaneous cognitive style*. His twisted thought process and aesthetic sense come from meditation since childhood and the pressure of his unique circumstances. Abnormal is normal. A freak, but a genius. *Does not associate with bad "music." *Objectivist worldview.



Good Betting*, Good Life *Zero Spiritual Poverty
JUNGLEˣ is a company that solves global challenges with betting.
Why betting? We have a deep enough background to write a whole book, and we can't describe it all here, so we explain the most fundamental parts here.
Today, society is mature enough that people have a lot of material assets. But what if we look at our spiritual assets? Have we become richer spiritually as well as materially? The fact that we can't measure happiness by material goods or money is evident in the methodology of the annual happiness survey published by the UN SDSN. Bhutan was once praised as the happiest country in the world. But as soon as the information blockade was broken, the people of Bhutan began to compare themselves with other countries, and the ranking dropped significantly. After all, material assets rule us.
The betting offered by JUNGLEˣ will increase your spiritual assets.
It's a reinvention of betting different from traditional gamble where you have to hit big money to get a big payout.
When we create a sense of value that betting itself is fun, regardless of the payout, we can make a drive that increases mental assets along with the addictive nature of betting. JUNGLEˣ aims to such products and contents.


Jungle it.* *Non-Zero Sum Game Win-Win-Win
The tagline is a motto for external use that lowers the level of abstraction of Purpose by one level.
Existing betting was a zero-sum game, where you were happy to get a payout if you won and sad to lose your stake if you lost. However, the betting offered by JUNGLEˣ is a non-zero-sum game where winning or losing is fun, and betting itself is fun.
By making this entirely new betting experience commonplace, athletes will be able to enrich by the return of betting revenue, users will be able to have fun beyond winning and losing, and SportsDJs will be able to expand their fan base worldwide through JUNGLEBet, creating a win-win-win relationship.


TOKOTON* *The Underdog Spirit
The matra is a motto for us Junglers.
JUNGLEˣ is a technology company. But we are not the glamorous, flashy tech company associated with betting and sports. It is the JUNGLEˣ that pursues its duties robustly.
Some people wonder about people who pursue what they want to do and what they want to research and treat them as if they were freaks. Such underdogs, abandoned by the world, will eventually become the center of society. Even if the world treats you like an underdog now, don't give in to it and focus on what you have to do. That's what we Junglers are.


Secret Society* *The Diogenes Club
Do you know what the Diogenes Club (DC) is? DC is a fictional gentlemen's club in the Sherlock Holmes series. Even though it is a club, it is a mysterious place where club members can't say a word, make eye contact with other members, and engage in conversation.
So what does it mean to say that a secret society is existence?
First of all, JUNGLEˣ releases very little information on its own. We have not disclosed some information that an ordinal company would disclose, such as funding, the composition of the board of directors, the salaries, and benefits. This information confidentiality policy comes from the idea that people with insight don't need to be given information, and people without insight don't need to be given information.
Even with little information, if you are curious about the power of betting or the differentness of JUNGLEˣ and want to talk to us, then you are good for Jungler.
And in JUNGLEˣ, communication skills alone are not enough to be evaluated. Naturally, there are some positions where you need communication skills, but communication skills themselves cannot be the most important indicator.
Talking about achievements, talking about numbers, that is what JUNGLEˣ is.


Fotiaoqiang* *E Pluribus Unum Unity in Diversity
Even if you don't know about fotiaoqiang, the above Wikipedia description should make the meaning clear. Talented crew members with different personalities form a harmonious and outstanding organization. That is the corporate culture of JUNGLEˣ.
It is the very embodiment of "E Pluribus Unum" (From Many to One) and "Unity in Diversity.” If you feel that you are being consumed as a mediocre ingredient when you are supposed to be a luxury food, in JUNGLEˣ, you will be able to show your flavor.

Core Business

Betting* *Betting for Good
We don't think we need to explain betting is our core business, so let us explain the idea behind "Betting for Good.”
In brief, it is an antithesis to all betting in the world today is "Betting for Bad."
What is "for Bad" in the eyes of JUNGLEˣ? It is the kind of betting that goes beyond the healthy enjoyment of betting itself and sinks gamblers into a swamp of addiction to the point of harming their life.
There are many forms of public gambling, but they aim at gamblers with an appetite for high payouts. If you look at existing sports betting, the people betting are either core sports fans or stereotypical gamblers.
The betting JUNGLEˣ wants to offer is "Betting for Good"; betting that people can enjoy with a small amount of money (about the price of a beer), fun whether you win or lose, as casual as popcorn at the movies, and that contributes to society by returning revenue to athletes and local communities.


Math and Science Nature of Researchers* *The Ability and Attitude to Explore based on the Scientific Process
JUNGLEˣ is a sports betting company, but a passion for sports is not the most important factor in joining us. What is important is your nature of researchers, immersed in math and science.
Why do we need the nature of researchers = the ability and attitude to explore based on the scientific process? Although betting is the core business of JUNGLEˣ, the challenges we hope to solve with betting are not limited to the sports industry. JUNGLEˣ will solve a global problem with a single strike: betting.
We have advanced strategies to achieve it, and understanding them requires advanced abstraction skills. Elements such as a bird's eye view, a spirit of exploration, and precision will serve you well as you work in JUNGLEˣ.
Also, science and mathematics are reproducible in different countries and regions. For JUNGLEˣ, which will be offering betting content to the world, its reproducibility will be a powerful weapon.
And nature of researchers doesn't work by bluffing only on the surface. In recent years, we have seen a lot of unscientific discourse in the name of "science.” Not only do we see it often, but people praise it as if it were an authoritative opinion. JUNGLEˣ is looking for "real" who has high science literacy.

Intelligent Quotient(Motor nerves of the Brain)

IQ150* or more Hard to communicate if IQ deference ±20. Brainy is the new sexy.
This part may be where you feel the most halos. But you will understand that I am not writing something absurd. Instead, all of you brilliant people have thought about it or experienced it at one time or another (whether you honestly write it down on your website or not).
As mentioned in the section on potential, it must be hard to work in JUNGLEˣ unless you can understand advanced strategies. Explaining to those who have the potential to understand is meaningful, but explaining to those who do not is too costly considering the speed of JUNGLEˣ becoming No. 1 in the industry within three years. We believe that it is our sincere intention to show this here.
"Brainy is the new sexy." is a famous line by Lady Irene Adler in SHERLOCK Season 2 Episode 1: "A Scandal in Belgravia" broadcast on BBC. JUNGLEˣ is an organization where you are judged on whether or not you are smart, not on the parameters of looking cool or having good communication skills.

Sense of Beauty

JUNGLERs’ Background


Sanctuary/Mercari/DeNA/M3/Preferred Networks/Medley and etc.


The University of Tokyo/Graduate School, The University of Tokyo/The University of Tokyo, WARRIORS/Waseda University/Graduate School, Waseda University/Keio University/Yale University/Graduate School, The University of Liverpool/Osaka University/National Taiwan University and etc.
Kaisei/Azabu/Seiko Gakuin/Edogawa Gakuen Toride/Fukuoka Prefectural Tochiku and etc.

Open Positions


If you are interested in joining JUNGLEˣ, even if your position is not listed above, contact us via Contact Us form!