Entry #7 Zorro KUWA's case



This is the seventh entry project in which crewmembers of the jungle jungle will talk about their encounters with the jungle jungle and their reasons for joining the jungle jungle, giving you a sense of its appeal and corporate culture.
This article is about Zorro KUWA in the jungleˣ. Please take a look.


Hello, my name is Zorro KUWA and I will be joining Jungleˣ in January 2023.

Beginning of My Career

My career began with an AI venture in India.
I was there for about a month, and a particular turning point came when I visited the city of Varanasi.
As I got to know the people of India, I wanted to bathe in the Ganges River, and I ended up in Varanasi, the largest holy city of Hinduism, which attracts a million pilgrims every year.
As night fell, our guide took us to a crematorium on the banks of the Ganges River.
It seemed to be one of the best crematoriums in the country, and the corpses were being brought in one after another, draped in luxurious cloths.
When they were finished, the ashes were washed into the Ganges River.
As I watched this series of ceremonies over and over again, I reflected on the comparison between India and Japan and tried to find what I wanted to do with my life.
I was impressed by the fact that people in India are highly enthusiastic and active, as if they are truly ALIVE.
People are not only of different castes, but also different religions and even different languages, but they look each other firmly in the eye, expressively asserting their thoughts and forming consensus.
Why do Indians seem so happy every day even if the economy is not yet prosperous? Why do they never get bored and seem to enjoy themselves so much?
It is diversity, after all. Language, values, spices, price negotiations. There are just so many daily variables and conversations.
Compared to Japan, there are some losses due to the lack of standardization, but diversity has a positive effect as a fundamental vitality, and I feel comfortable doing so.
How can we solve the difficulty of living that we feel?
Speaking of diversity and individuality reminds me of the piano I was learning.
Piano is a very analog world that is affected by individual differences in hand shape, arm weight, bone structure, and height.
It is obvious, but no two people have the same physique and hands, even though there are 7 billion human beings.
And performance and physical expression are highly human activities amidst an intricate mix of very analog variables.
In these days of AI and Singularity, what truly "human" activities should remain are these kinds of activities.
I would like to increase the number of people who can engage in intellectual activities and self-expression based on the connection between the head and body (in other words, utilizing physicality) over the course of their lives.

Six years at ROXX

After returning from India, I joined ROXX Inc.
At the time, it was a startup of 9 people operating a service called SCOUTER.
SCOUTER was a service that "reallocates talented people with potential around you to places where they can shine more brightly by turning ordinary users into 'headhunters.
We saw the potential in being able to approach individuality and diversity from the human resource field.
However, this business did not grow in sales as expected, and a short time after I joined the company, I launched the Vertical SaaS business for recruitment agencies as an engineer.
I built and released it from scratch in one month, and in the following six months or so, we had various core functions in place.
At the time, I was desperate to make sales and survive.
The SCOUTER business was closed as the company focused on the SaaS business, but ROXX went from seed to series C and is still growing sales and profits steadily.
I then worked as a PM and PO and in toB marketing, and finally as the head of new business.
The moment when a product I created from scratch was bought for the first time was the most exciting moment for me at ROXX.
It left a strong impression on me, including the struggle to sell the product.
I learned a lot from the senior staff at ROXX, from mindset to skills, over the past six years.
I had the opportunity to work with many different teams, and I am very grateful for their support.
It is truly a company filled with many memories, both sour and sweet.
Perhaps it was too soon to leave, but now I want to go back to the start of my career and challenge myself to create a revolutionary product that will dramatically improve the world.
I left ROXX in the middle of the road, and I want to return the favor by succeeding myself.
Going into a small startup again may be a somewhat unusual choice.
It is not an ordinary thing, but I am determined not to be an ordinary person.
I will surely break through.
I am willing to take a chance on a thousand opportunities in the Jungleˣ.

Why I decided to Jungleˣ

The Purpose of Jungleˣ is "Good Betting, Good Life".
Writing at a slightly higher level of abstraction, betting is an endless loop of intention statements and feedback.
In particular, it is an instantaneous and multidimensional statement of intent.
So I interpret betting as a tool to stimulate and train people's enthusiasm and instinctive thinking (system1).
It is a great value experience where you feel good whether you win or lose and there is learning.
Secondly, and this is a change of subject, Spotify has a philosophy against pirated sound distribution services and has given back more than 500 billion yen to artists.
The spotlight is now on independent singers as well as professionals.
The same goes for Jungleˣ.
And we want to give back to our talent and collaborators.
We want to convey various interesting aspects and values so that not only existing professional sports but also amateurs will be noticed.
I feel that in a capitalist society, it is the rule makers who can build the ideal.
First of all, I would like to earn 1 trillion yen and return it properly.
Because I have an ideal, I want to win influence in the world even more strongly.
Finally, and this is my personal feeling, the jungleˣs melting into diversity.
I imagine a future world where countries, ages, and values have all melted away, and I am trying to implement what will become the standard and what is considered valuable in that world into products.
Since I am a member of JAPAN MENSA, I am naturally conscious of creativity and minorities in my life.
Diversity means that there are many sharp minorities.
It may sound abstract, but I feel that the concept of Odds in Betting will become a lever, and "oddballs" will be valued, and eventually the place will be filled with "oddballs".
Jungleˣ is aiming to be No.1 in the global betting market, and I believe that Jungleˣ can achieve this goal while being accepted by the times, just as various services that encourage diversity are growing on a global scale.
With this background, I decided to ALL-IN to Jungleˣ for the following three reasons.
  1. because I felt that from a user's perspective, watching sports on In-Play Betting was a valuable experience.
2. because I share the philosophy of giving back directly to those who demonstrate creativity.
3. because it aims to diversify the world, the cutting edge, and the highest peak in terms of    
   perspective, abstraction, target market, and ideals, all of which are of a high dimension.
In joining this group, I feel that everything I have done in the past has naturally led me to the Jungleˣ.
I want to combine my natural IQ, my experience playing piano in the extreme analog world, and my experience launching an IT startup into one, and put all 120% of my personality into it.
I also really want to create a groundbreaking service, mechanism, and experience that will move people.
To achieve this, can I sharpen my sensibility to the utmost and put it into a product?
I know that I will have to fight against user needs and system construction, but I also believe that I will have to fight against my own sensibilities.
I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.
At the beginning of this article, there was a comparison with India, but I believe that Japan also has a unique and highly valuable sense of beauty.
I would also like to create original Betting contents where each bias is manifested, attacked and defended against each other, and eventually lead to mutual understanding and diversity.
I would be happy if even one more person becomes interested in the jungleˣ through this opportunity.
Thank you for reading to the end.


How was your experience with Zorro KUWA?
If you feel that you fit the description of "a person who wants to give back to society as a rule maker in an environment of diversity," please visit our corporate website.
Thank you for reading till the end.
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